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Frequently asked questions


Answers to frequently asked questions: 

  I am sick or someone in my family is sick and I have an appointment today, what should I do?
      - Call or text your hairdresser, we will make your new appointment and we don´t charge
      if you are sick.

  Is there any discount for students and retirees?
    - Unfortunately not. 


Can I have styling products in my hair when I am coming to Curly Cut? 
- Yes. 


Does Curly Cut mean cutting a lot of layers? 
- The cut is cut completely according to the customer's own wishes.


Can I have curly counseling?
- Absolutely! You will also receive an information pack via email if you wish.


Can I get the correct products suitable for my hair?
- Absolutely!


Does it matter if my hair is dirty? 
- Does not matter.


Do you make vegetable colors or clay bleaches at all?
- In Helsinki yes, you can book plant coloring for Anna. Otherwise, we use normal colors and lightning colors. However, we are able to make a really gentle mix.


There are no times in Book Salon, do you still have time for me?
- Book Salon is always updated and up-to-date, and you will always find your next free time there.


How long do I have to wait for my own time?
- Now we have available appointments straight away!


Can I queue for a cancellation?
- Yes, you can send us an email!

What other services you offer?

- We offer all the hair services for ll kinds of hair, facials, pedicures and massage.


How do I contact you?

- Please find contact info for Helsinki or Benalmadena on the Contact menu.  


Can I buy Curly Girl Approved products from you?
- Yes, welcome to shop directly at our store or online store.

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